Product Overview

The guards are made from coconut fiber, a 100% renewable resource. The volume of weeds will be reduced by 90 to 95%. This translates into a very large savings in labor and no Herbicides are needed. Therefore it creates a healthy working environment.
A nursery that uses a crew to weed ten times a season, would only need to weed once or twice a season. Coconut fibre contains Tannic acid which prevents fungus and termite infestation. The fibre is also ph neutral. Water Savings In the summer and especially in drier climates the discs help reduce irrigation intervals by 10 to 15%. The amount and rate of water that will evaporate will be reduced by the weedguards.
Nurseries that use overhead sprinklers will also benefit as water will not bounce off the guards. It will be trapped by the rough surface and then the water will immediately penetrate the discs. This will prevent waste and soil borne pathogen spreading.

Other Merits:
  • Acts as a mulch and it helps to preserves moisture.
  • Will offer a very attractive pot to the final customer with no weeds and a clean and even pot surface.
  • No loss of fertilizer when the pots tip over due to winds.
  • No soil loss when shipping as guards prevents any spillage.

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DESCRIPTION-DIA WT-g/m2 LATEX PACKING CARTON SIZE Qty/CTN ctns per 1 x 40 hc qntty per 1 x 40 hc
16 cm 1000 ONE SIDE ctns 57 x57 x51cm 740 400 296000
19 cm 1000 ONE SIDE ctns 57 x 57 x 51cm 600 400 240000
22cm 1000 ONE SIDE ctns 57 x 57 x 51 cm 410 400 164000

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