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Widely known as coir geo-textile (Coir Netting) used to control top soil erosion & stabilisation of earth surface. A great choice for preventing soil erosion & increasing the growth of vegetation on banks and slopes!
Coir Geotextiles are produced out of 100% pure natural coir from coconut husks. They come in 3 grades, namely 400g/sqm, 700g/sqm and 900g/sqm geotextiles. They have been far superior over the past 20 years as they are natural, organic fibre products.

Technical Information

400, 700, 900 gsm woven nets are available for any type of landscaping & construction work.

Why Coir Geotextile?

  • They are easy to install and can be used in limited areas.
  • They are weather resistant and resistant to fungal and bacterial decomposition and free you of costs for chemical treatment.
  • They absorb unnecessary solar radiation.
  • They are 100% environmental friendly and bio degradable.
  • Coco nets help to develop stronger roots so there is no need for regular maintenance.
  • Control erosion in stream banks, spoiled banks, steep slopes and golf courses.
  • Control wind erosion.
  • Using as landfill covers.
  • Fight the force of flowing water.
  • Help civil engineers control erosion for ground improvement, filtration, drainage, road pavements and stability of slopes.
  • Effectively use in see farming ( catching of Shellfish).
  • They last for more than 3 - 4 years and then digest into the soil to enrich it.

Applications of Coir Geotextiles / Coir Nets