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A great choice for trellising hops plants! The Hops Twine has a strong coir product. Coir is a byproduct of the coconut industry, making it a 100 percent natural, biodegradable product. They come in compressed bales. These hop twine are available in 100 lbs. strengths and 21 ft. length strings. We can custom cut and pack to any length desired. Available in compressed bales as well as in bundles of 100 strings (21’) long.

Full container loads: 100 lbs. strength, 21′ long strings 2400 strings/bale 150 – 160 bales/container

Technical Information

Twine made of quality coconut fibre made to a breaking strain of up 75lb - 100lb. And they are mainly exported in 21.5ft strings in length. They can be made in different sizes in length according to the buyers need.

Why Hop Twine?

Hop Cultivation

Hop is a creeping vine (Humulus lupulus). Coir yarn acts as a good support for hops and other vines. And the use of coir yarn increases the hop yield. Also, since the plant grows along the string, the plant gets good growth.

Domestic & Horticulture Industry

Coir twine in the domestic and horticulture industry has multiple uses including fence making, pot hanging, clotheslines, tying up plants and many other related applications thanks to their unique features such as high tensile strength, flexibility, low cost, and biodegradability.

Oyster and Sea Squirt Industry

Sea pineapple is a variety of edible sea squirt which is a popular delicacy in South Korea. Commercial cultivation of these sea squirts needs a suitable medium. Aqua twine nets made in Sri Lanka serve this purpose well These aqua twine nets are used to feed oyster hatchlings . The number of baby oysters that can hang along per inch of hair-removed twine is significantly higher.

Applications of Hop Twine