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Coconut Coir logs are made in our own factory from 100% natural and completely biodegradable coir fibre compressed into mesh netting. (Eye size of the coir twine netting is 2in x 2in that’s 5cm x 5cm approx.) They are being used as an extremely effective erosion control product in many countries. They are easy to use and come in several most popular sizes, yet they size can be customized according to the buyers’ requirements.

And also produced as a reinforcement material to combat soil erosion. This product is densely packed for stronger support with pure mattress fibre, inside the tubular coir machine twisted or hand knitted twine netting with extreme care and precision to exact client specifications (diameter/ width and square/ rectangle specifications for 30 to 50m units).

Technical Information

  Diametre Length Density Weight
Type1 12m 10ft 3kg/ft 30kg (approx)
Type2 12m 7.5ft 3kg/ft 21kg (approx)
Type3 8m 10ft 2kg/ft 20kg (approx)

Why Coir Logs?

  • Easy to Install as your requirment.
  • Provides more nutrients to surrounding areas
  • Promoting the deep rooting of plants
  • High Air and Water Permeability
  • Environmentally Friendly & biodegradable erosion control product
  • Safe for Surrounding Wildlife
  • Biodegrades over 2-5 years
  • Effectively Holds Seeds and Saplings in Place
  • Acts as a Mulch on the Surface
  • Acts as a Wick in the Soil Mantle
  • Excellent Micro Climate

Applications of Coir Logs